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Congratulations…to us. Within the past 28 days, we’ve successfully launched three AOL sites (one of which received more than 500K visits on day one) and Thanks to our team’s speed, expertise and agility throughout the development process, we were able to meet all business requirements and deadlines for both companies. Check out the details below.


Three months ago, AOL called on Ashe Avenue to improve and streamline the user interfaces (UI) and content management systems (CMS) for three of its websites. We partnered with AOL on front-end, CMS, and server development for StyleList (, Kitchen Daily (, and Homesessive ( The sites, which are projected to generate more than a billion page views per year, all launched between September 4 and October 1 as part of AOL’s Women’s Lifestyle and Content brand. approached Ashe Avenue with a novel social enhancement initiative and a plan to re-launch its company website. We looped in our design team on this one and provided with design, front-end, CMS, and server development. The interactive site launched on September 9 and helped usher in its millionth registered user. As a result of the site’s success, we’ve been asked to launch phase two of, which will feature a more advanced media platform.

A big shout-out to the Ashe Avenue team who made launching these sites possible: Heath Beckett, Emily Combs, Rob Farrell, Meghan Gargan, Nik Guinta, Joe Komenda, John McKinney, Todd Morningstar, Matt Murphy, Locke Murray and Ben Walker.

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Matt Murphy

Matt Murphy is the President and Director of Client Services at Ashe Avenue.

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