Introducing Motherboard 3.0

VICE recently celebrated the re-launch of their tech-centric website, Motherboard, by hosting an all-night blowout with complimentary drinks, an indie arcade and a variety of musical performances by artists like kung-fu aficionado and Wu-Tang member RZA. We weren’t able to make it to the party, but we did spend a few late nights partying (or coding) while dotting our “I’s” and “lower-case J’s” for the launch.

VICE asked us to transition Motherboard from its previous CMS to the media platform that we developed in 2011 to support (which now supports as well). We also partnered with VICE’s design team to align the site’s front-end with the VICE look-and-feel. As a result, Motherboard 3.0 is now cleaner, lighter and more flexible than its previous iterations. If you’re into technology, science or human culture, you should check it out.

Want to play a role in the next big launch? Check out our careers page and drop us a line for any positions that look interesting.

Before:                                                                       After:









Matt Murphy

Matt Murphy is the President and Director of Client Services at Ashe Avenue.

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